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Andy Cottom: Psychotherapy and Trauma Counselling

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20th July 2024 
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No. 6, Lower Grosvenor Place

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Considering the individual personalities of the people I see in my practice, it seems somewhat self-defeating to make a general statement about the therapy that I offer. Just as each client has uniquely personal reasons for starting therapy,the assistance that I offer is based on the equally individual relationship that I have with each of them.

But whether you are looking for a way out of a depression, or feel that your life is just too stressful, whether you are suffering from a bereavement or you simply want to make some changes, talking to a professional listener will help.

I won't judge you or give advice but I will guide you on an exploration of yourself, help you to find out who you are and where your problems might come from. Such an investigation can bring up challenging questions, too daunting to ask of yourself on your own. But by meeting together on a regular basis in the comfort of my consulting room, we can find the safety to confront your fears, to look at yourself honestly and discover who you really are.